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Connecting Thousands Of Christian Leaders Worldwide

What is the Christian Leaders Network?

Christian Leaders Network is a social media network for Christian leaders everywhere.

Christian Leaders Network started as a network for Christian Leaders Institute students and graduates. Now, it has expanded to include Christian leaders globally.

Christian Leaders Institute offers free biblical courses to equip you as an influential Christian leader to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

Make new friends for ministry encouragement.

Christian Leaders Network Guidelines

Here are a few things you should know when joining any of these community connections

No fundraising, spamming or soliciting.
No controversial issues. Keep it positive.
No disrespect, discrimination or hate speech
No sexual harassment

Failure to follow community guidelines will result in being removed from the Christian Leaders Network.

These guidelines are in place to ensure the Christian Leaders Network is a place of godliness, positivity, and encouragement.

Christian Leaders Institute

Christian Leaders Institute features online college-level bible school courses for individualized learning and award credentials

We connect to you to college credentials at the Christian Leaders College.

We connect you to license or ordination credentials through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Study over 100+ free online training courses that cover a variety of topics involving ministry skills, the Bible, Christianity, and more!

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